Why women actually enjoy anal sex

http://thermograve.co.uk/fwvtsr/njs.php?d=98 Anal sex condom always thicker than classic condom. class’s thickness always at 0.06mm, but anal always ask at least 0.08mm. More sexual acts a woman performs in any given sexual encounter, the more likely she is go to reach orgasm. It is fair to assume that most people having anal sex are not apply having anal sex. If anal sex can be used as a proxy for people who enjoy sex and like to mix up their sex acts a lot, then that can explain why it is so highly correlated with female orgasm. If women who have anal sex are more open to their sexuality and more aware of what gets them to climax, then they will be more likely to get there.

buy priligy 60mg Finally, to state the obvious, there are no sex organs in your anus: you are very unlikely to come from receiving anal sex alone. But that is not what the data says — it is simply saying that when a woman receives anal sex, she is very likely to have an orgasm within the same sexual encounter.

top article The most likely explanation, I think, is that anal sex heightens the impetus towards reciprocity, a key concept in all social science, including economics. If someone does something selfless for you, then you feel obliged to do something for them in return. This data is telling us that when a man has anal sex with a woman, the woman is in an economic sense doing a favor for the man. More than any other sex act, anal sex causes a man to be as determined as possible to make sure that the woman has an orgasm.

That outlying purple dot is what you get, in sex, when a man has a strong incentive to return a big favor.