Why we say no to cheap condom?

important link In our last 10 years condom exporting work, there too many clients inquiry me if has cheap condom with good quality, I always tell them frankly, No. Why we need say No to cheap condoms?

http://evalfor.com//plug/comment/commentList.asp?id=0 1: Cheap condom must mean bad quality.
If you can buy a BMW car which sold same price as a motor bike? If you dare to drive it? If this story really happened, we confirm this BMW car must has some problems you didn’t know. A portion clients always compare to many factories to find the best price, they use other factory’s price or a little more low price to bargain with us, frankly, we don’t like this way, the price means quality, it’s impossible let a factory produce quality goods at cheap quality’s cost. And quality production need better material, much more careful hand work, which must means more cost.
2: Cheap condom will hurt women.
Cheap condom must mean bad quality condom, which can protect women from pregnancy and HIV or other AIDs. I know some clients want to win market by cheap price, so they offer us their target price only half of our basic cost, we way no; they tell us if cost can lower if untested of each condom, we say this can lower cost a little, but we can’t do this way; some clients even confirm ask us if sell the untested condom, my friend, this is illegal, we will call police if you come to China. Condom project is conscience business, test of each one to make sure the quality is the bottom line of us.
3: Cheap condom will hurt yourself.
Any business will means invest in time and money, it’s no second or continue purchase if consumer find your quality is bad than others, that means lost for you and not good for long run; they will claim you if meet problem by use your cheap condom.
And we find a trend that quality condom buyer’s continue order interval time always short and short, and price sensitive buyer’s order interval time always longer and longer.
So we focus on supply quality buyer, as a factory, we also study everyday how to lower cost in machine, work efficiency, technology, formula and material revolution to make sure quality but offer clients quality condom at reasonable, but not cheap price. If you’re looking for good quality condom, contact us: rita@mangocondom.com