Why Use Silicone Lubricant?

Silicone-based lube feels slicker and lasts longer without becoming sticky as it dries. This slickness makes it ideal for more than just penetrative sex – though it is great for long sessions and anal sex!

Silicone lubes work well as basic massage oils, too. Silicone lube is typically thinner than water-based counterparts, but thicker formulas are becoming available.

silicone lubes may be more hypoallergenic.You don’t need to worry about using dental dams or condoms with silicone lube because the materials won’t break down.

Silicone lubes are also ideal for using in pools, showers and other wet environments because they’re not water-soluble like water-based lubricants are. With that said, you’ll need soap, water and a little extra elbow grease to removal silicone lubes from your hands, bodies or toys after using it.

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