Why the Shift Away from Condom?

http://apacheip.com/feed/rss/ Condom is better tool, not shift it. There are likely a number of factors that contribute to the switch from the condoms to the pill. Some people assume that because they do not have any visible symptoms of an STI, and neither does their partner, that they are safe to switch methods. However, most cases of STI are asymptomatic (i.e., there are no symptoms) so making a decision to stop using condoms simply because neither partner has STI symptoms is a sure way to increase your risk of infection. Some consumers may switch from the condom to the pill because they were not particularly worried about STIs in the first place and were using condoms to prevent pregnancy. STIs may not have entered their minds when the made the transition to the pill. People who fall into this category probably underestimated their risk for STI when they first became sexually active and they continued to underestimate their risk as they became older. So we suggest choose it no matter if you confirm your partner healthy or not.