pop over to this site Wearing two condoms at once is a sexual myth. You don’t make a condom twice stronger or yourself doubly protected in doing so. On the contrary, the condoms are exposed to higher risks of breaking during the intercourse. Men might be encouraged to wear two condoms knowing that the latex can be so thin he needs back up protection. Such practice is very erroneous way of doing things.

try this  

http://musztacskert.hu/index.php/galleria/1-galleria/detail/index.php?is_search_for_keywords=on Get one good quality condom and use it singly instead. Don’t be fooled by the thin film that all a condom seems to be. Try to test it with water or air and see how strong a condom really is. Do this experiment at home – blow a condom to its full capacity and then try to fill it with water. Unless it’s pricked or subjected to the slightest pressure, it won’t break. That’s how strong a condom is. You don’t have to use two to get superior protection.


If you really want double protection, use another type of birth control method instead.  Avoid wear two condoms together.


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