which type of condom is best for you?

look at this site As a supplier, we always asked by friends, which type condom is better? Or which brands recommend to use? This is the most important question as need is more important than want when choosing a condom. You might want all the bells and whistles but you may need a larger condom or a smaller one or if you are allergic to latex material, you will need a non-latex condom material like Polyurethane or Polyisoprene. Although PU condom is more popular now. You need to know if your partner is allergic to latex as well and if you don’t know you might want to be safe and go with a non-latex condom to start. There is nothing worse than giving a new girlfriend a latex allergic reaction the first time you hook up. So please choose the one you really suit to, that’s very important than feeling. Safe is No.1 standard when choose it.