Which flavored condoms best for you?

buy modafinil us Flavored condoms spice up your sex life, it makes oral sex much more exciting and pleasurable for both partners.

this contact form There are different condom flavors, like strawberry, banana,grape, cola, chocolate, etc. Which one taste best?

http://osteriapulcinella.co.uk/menu_item/kir-royal/ According to Huffington Post, strawberry was considered the best tasting, also chocolate flavored condom a winner too. Of course, in another test, the results may a quite different.

You can try out a variety of flavors and find out which one you like best and order more of that flavor.

Not every flavor liked by people. But the ranked first flavor condom are popular in the market. Welcome custom your own flavored condoms, contact: rita@mangocondom.com