What’s the difference between male and female condom?

click to investigate Male condom and female condoms are two main types of condoms. What is generally called a condom is the ‘male’ condom, a sheath or covering which fits over a man’s penis, and which is closed at one end. There is also now a female condom, or vaginal sheath, which is used by a woman and fits inside the vagina. There is only one female condom approved by the FDA– the FC2 female condoms, although a number of others are sold all over the world. This study discusses the male condom, you can know more about female condoms as you scroll down. female condoms are not as easily available as the male condom (and can be more expensive), you can usually get them from sexual health clinics or a healthcare professional. Some shops sell them, but it is easy to get online. Female condoms suppliers and manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com