What to do if a female condom breaks?

http://colettebordeleau.ca/page/4/?utm_source=All If use female correctly, it is unlikely to break.

learn the facts here now However, female condoms can break for same reasons that a male condom can, for example if there is a tear in the condom before or during sex it’s not put in place properly or is in poor condition.

cheapest modafinil australia There’s also a risk of semen spilling into your vagina as it’s removed. If something does go wrong try not to panic. Try Squeeze out as much of the semen as you can and avoid washing inside your vagina or anus  as this can spread infection further or cause irritation.

It is advised that you have a sexual health test about 10 days later, (or earlier if you are worried about any symptoms) and then again around three months later. This is because different STIs are detected at different times. Until then, avoid sexual contact or practice safer sex by always wearing a condom.

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