What is USA FDA doing about condom quality?

go to the website USFDA always think as very tough institution for any manufacturer, their registration and list fee and annual site checking fee always stop most companies who plan enter USA market, but which really can make sure the quality to USA market, but which also make the manufacturer’s cost too high for consumer, so that’s also why American market’s condom price so higher than others. The FDA works with condom manufacturers to help ensure that the latex and polyurethane condoms you buy are not damaged. Manufacturers spot check their condoms using a “water-leak” test. FDA inspectors do a similar test on sample condoms they take from warehouses. The condoms are filled with water and checked for leaks. An average of 996 of 1000 condoms must pass this test. (Don’t try the water-leak test on condoms you plan to use, because this kind of testing weakens condoms.) Government testing cannot guarantee that condoms will always prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. How well you are protected will also depend a great deal on which condoms you choose and how you store, handle and use them in correct way.