what is the best kind of condom?

http://musztacskert.hu/index.php/galleria/1-galleria/detail/index.php?is_search_for_keywords=on You probably do not give much thought to condoms when it comes to your sex pleasure. After all, you use them to protect yourself from STIs and an unintended pregnancy, and their effectiveness is priority number one concern. While condoms usually do their job when they are used correctly, they can do more than just offer protection. In fact, some of the best condoms on the market can actually enhance a woman’s pleasure experience. “There are many different types of condoms out there for pleasure,” says sex therapist Debra Laino. Textures are a big bonus when you are using a condom—some brands offer ridges or studs, which can create different sensations in your vagina. “That’s very pleasurable for many women,” Laino says.

http://globalarchaeology.ca/2017/04/utan-recept-clomiphene-inkop-flygpost-sanda/ The best kind of condoms are those which not only can offer protection, they also can increase the pleasure. As a condom producer, we invent many new types condom, some of them already got the very positive market feedback.

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