What Condoms Will Protect Against?

http://viewtific.com/wp-includes/info/white-pages-address-search-ky.html There is still some people don’t know what’s the condom and why we need to wear it? National Condom Month! And it is a good time to remember the basics of condom use. Condoms will protect you from most STDs, but not all items. When condoms are used properly and consistently, they are highly effective at reducing the transmission of STDs. To ensure the effectiveness of a condom it is important to check for the expiration date of the condom, to make sure there is no damage to the packaging, to only use one condom for each sexual act, and if a condom breaks or slips during sexual intercourse, to throw it away and use a new condom. Latex and polyurethane condoms provide an important impermeable barrier that protects against genital secretion (from the male and female) that transmits STDs. So it’s necessary and lower cost tool to protect yourself in intimate contact.

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