What can’t to do with a used condom

http://lakesiderestaurantcumberland.com/2017/07/quantitative-judgments-and-personal-salvation-in/ Don’t throw used condom into the toilet. It says it on all the condom package and instructions if you have the time to read. Condoms can be snagged on debris in plumbing pipes and actually back up your plumbing. Then the plumbers have to come out and re-root your pipes with a plumbing snake and it will be so embarrassing when they take out all of your condoms from the last few years!!

http://bountifulbasketfoodshelf.org/index.php?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed Don’t throw used condoms on the ground! If you had kids would you like them to pick them up? Would you like your grandmother to have to see a used condom laying next to her car?

navigate to this web-site Don’t throw used condoms down the garbage sink disposal. Even though you’re using the kitchen table for your own kinky fun, it’s still a bad idea to plug up the plumbing.

Don’t throw used condoms in the water at the beach or in the lake at the park. Used condoms float and they always wash up on shore, usually when someone is getting married on the beach!

Don’t throw used condoms in the recycling bins. Throw the condoms in correct way will make you perfect sex experience. Best condoms suppliers and manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com