What are the disadvantages of using a spermicide?

buy Pregabalin online uk Although some consumers like to choose the spermicide, but it really has many not so good items, such as followings:

  • Can be messy in use.
  • Has an unpleasant taste: if you are planning to have oral sex before vaginal sex, insert spermicide after oral sex to avoid unpleasant tastes and other possible skin irritations
  • You or your partner may have an allergic reaction to the spermicide, please make sure you are free of spermicide allergic.
  • May cause skin irritation in the vagina, on the vulva or on the penis
  • Has to be reapplied every time you have vaginal sex
  • Does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections; in fact, frequent use of spermicide can cause skin irritation which can, in turn, make it easier for HIV and other STIs to be transmitted.