What are premature ejaculation condoms?

order Dilantin online lasix furosemide buy online They are basically condoms which are especially manufactured for men who ejaculate prematurely. How do they help to prevent PE? There are different ways how these condoms help to delay ejaculation. Some condoms are simply just thicker, thus reducing the friction and other sexual sensations you have when you have intercourse. Other condoms actually contain a chemical which temporarily makes the skin of your penis a bit numb feeling. What chemicals are used to numb the penis? They often contain Benzocaine on the inside of the condom. This is a local anesthetic that is often used to relieve pain. There are possible side effects when using benzocaine on your skin, among them allergic reactions (itching, hives, swelling, tingling sensations, headache, etc.). In rare cases benzocaine can also cause methemoglobinemia, which is a serious blood disease. So as a factory, we don’t suggest choose it, you can consider thicker or stronger condom if you want to more longer love.

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