What are condoms made of?

a knockout post To suit the various needs of different condom wearers, condoms are made from a variety of different materials


buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery The most condoms are made from latex. Among these most are made from natural rubber latex. Several brands are now offered made from synthetic latex, or polyisoprene. These have the advantage of not irritating people with latex allergies.

But condoms are made from a number of materials besides latex. Polyurethane condoms are very thin and tend not to trigger allergies, but are less stretchy than latex.

And lambskin condoms, made from the intestinal membrane of sheep, are considered by some to be the most natural feeling of all condoms, like not wearing a condom at all. But while lambskin condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy, they are not effective against all STD diseases, such as HIV and herpes.


The most used condom also is natural latex condoms. There is different types of condoms to choose. Welcome contact our condom factory: rita@mangocondom.com