What are Climax Control Condoms?

buy Lyrica 150 mg online buy priligy in usa if you once try this type condom? it best sell on the market now. Climax control condoms are coated with a special anesthetic, known as benzocaine (think novocaine, only much milder). This is the same safe and lab tested ingredient which is used in anal intimate lubricants. It dulls the overly sensitive areas, without the region becoming completely numb feeling. Since benzocaine is heat activated, it kicks in right when the friction gets intense. According to condom manufacturers, this activation can make men last up to five minutes longer. And, as you know, every minute counts. and the exact longer time depends on each man’s body and ability.

This type condom always in higher demand, that’s why so many brand prefer to choose it. As a manufacturer, we also can produce it for clients, but we always tell the side effects to our clients at first, and let them make the choice.