Ways for place a condom

buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk Place a condom before penetration. Do it in the following way:

how to buy accutane Check that the expiration date has not passed yet. Use only condoms with the CE quality label on the packaging.

best site Remove the bag. There is a small cut on one side of the packaging to help you. Do not open with scissors, knife or teeth. The condom can be split. Be careful with long nails.

Pull the foreskin back if the penis is not turned on. Press the top of the condom to leave room for the sperm and put the condom on the top of the penis. The penis should be raised (erection).

Make sure the condom wrap is out. Swing the condom over the entire penis so it will not be removed.

After ejaculation, remove the condom from your penis while he is still raised.

Keep the condom on the lips and make sure no sperm flows out.

Connect the condom to the bucket in the knot to prevent sperm from flowing out. Put the condom used in a garbage bin.