warming or cooling lubricants better for anal sex?

follow go If you once try or like the anal sex? However, ancient man did not have to worry about things like HIV. Lambskin is great if your main concern is prevention of pregnancy. However, lambskin has pores that can allow infected bodily fluids through. Therefore, lambskin is to be avoided if you mainly engage in anal sex.


Another type of condom you need to avoid is the warming or cooling sensations condom. These condoms are quite trendy in recent years. They have a substance on the condom which provides a warming and cooling sensation to both partners. The chemicals used to create this sensation are not a good idea to introduce into the anal cavity. The chemicals could cause unwanted sensations such as burning or itching. So we suggest stop use it.


Since having proper lubrication is so important for enjoying anal sex for both partners, choosing the right lubricant is also critical, especially if you only have unlubricated condoms. You’ll typically want to go for water or silicon based lubricants. Oil based lubricants or things like petroleum jelly can cause the condom to break down. Some good brands of lubricants to consider for anal sex are Astroglide, Pjur or Wet. While the FDA has not specifically approved any condoms for anal sex, the below condoms should give you a good idea of which ones will be the most effective. Choose right one make sure everything is right.