Textured Condom and Her Pleasure

additional reading Up to 30% of women are unable to orgasm during intercourse alone. Perhaps that’s why companies started selling ribbed, studded, and dotted condoms with strategically placed ridges and bumps that may enhance the friction a woman feels against her vaginal walls—particularly if her man is on the smaller side. Women want to feel their partners inside of them.But for gals with average-sized or bigger partners, these condoms could go either way. Some may not feel much of a difference, says certified sex therapist Gracie Landes, because the vaginal walls don’t have a lot of nerve endings and are full of wrinkles, folds, and bumps in their own right. (Plus women usually orgasm from their clitoris.) Other women might find the added texture irritating. If you’re preferring to try these, look for condoms with ribbing at the base, which are more likely to provide clitoral stimulation.

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