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Mango sensation dotted condoms provide extra stimulation

order prednisone overnight modafinil get high Dotted condoms have specially designed raised dots on the outside to increase excitement and sensation exactly where you want it. Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both. Our Mango dotted condoms increase the fun and pleasure in sexual intercourse.

Mango condoms have both ribs and dots which offer a stimulating texture that gives a delicious intensity to both of you.

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MANGO Sensation Dotted Condoms supplier

MANGO Sensation Condoms are sure to bump up the passion levels between you and your partner. Condoms with dotted texture for enhanced pleasure. Heighten the pleasure of lovemaking with MANGO Dotted Condoms. With its unique pyramidal dots, MANGO Sensation Dotted Condoms are sure to spice up the passion levels between you and your partner. These natural coloured latex made dotted condoms aims at providing extra pleasure. Welcome to be our MANGO Sensation condom distributors. Email:

sensation condom,dotted condom,studded condom

Sensation condom with extra dots

Sensation condom, also named dotted condom, studded condom.

It has super studded surface and raised bumps for greater sensation.

Condoms made of natural rubber latex, dotted, lubricated with reservoir end.

Nominal width: 52mm
Length: 180mm
Wall thickness: 0.06mm
Lubricant: Silicon
Form: parallel straight
Texture: dotted
Color: natural
Quality: ISO 4074:2015
Inspection:100% Electronically tested
Unit packing: 3pcs box packing, also welcome customized packing

Mango dotted condom make extra sensation when make sex love. Welcome inquire us for more details:

dotted condom,sensation condom,condom with dots

Dotted condom make more sensation

Dotted condom, which has many dots on condoms. Women will be stimulated by these dots when sex. And they will like it.The added friction and increased stimulation provide a sensual, exciting experience for both partners.

Mango dotted condom 100% electronically tested, and they are ISO/CE approved. Pass high standard quality test.. We’re looking for distributor at each country, welcome contact us:

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Condoms are not loss of sensation

Some people find condoms tricky to use. If you are worried about loss of sensation opt for a very thin or light condom.

The thinner the condom, the better the sensation; the right size is also important.

Some condoms are available with ribbed, raised and shaped surfaces designed to increase sensation to both partners.

An advantage of female condom  is the way they don’t reduce sensation for the man in the way male condoms can do. We also produce spike condom which offer you better sensation. Email:

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What’s textured condoms and function of textured condoms?

Dotted, Ribbed, Dotted&Ribbed, Contoured condom all are textured condoms. Textured condoms provide pleasure and sensation for both parties that regular condoms simply can’t match. They intended to heighten sexual pleasure. We also would like to custom the textured shape which for clients new ideas. We can’t guarantee  every new idea could succeed, but we make sure invest 100% hard work.

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