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polyurethane condom manufacturer

polyurethane condom manufacturer

As a professional condom manufacturer approved by ISO/CE at China, we have full experience in condom production and innovation. At the same time, our in-house R&D engineers has been constantly designing and developing new products like Polyurathane super thin condom according to the  needs of consumers today which giving us a competitive advantage in the market. With strong experience with OEM, ODM and also in government tender, our customers are not only medical distributor, medical company but also NGO, Foundation and governmental medical authority worldwide. Private label condom for brand owner is still our main project, fast delivery, competitive price and best quality control is our advantages to win in the market, welcome inquiry us! Email:

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Non latex condom with premium quality

An allergy to latex can easily derail any plans you may have had. Symptoms can range from redness and blistering, to a runny nose and watery eyes. While condom allergies are not genetically avoidable, they are preventable, and it’s best to research the right brand and product for your individual situation and preference. Whether you or your partner face the turmoil that comes with latex condoms, it’s important to find something that won’t destroy the moment and still offer the protection you both deserve. It’s imperative to remember that condoms prevent against pregnancy, but not against the sniffles, a rash, or other less-than-attractive ailments. If you are allergic to latex condom, please choose non latex condom such as polyurethane condom.

Why should we use the latex free condoms?

Most consumers are free to use latex condom, which is soft and good feeling, and Latex is the material that was originally found to be the best all-round option for making the condom product, but unfortunately some of us are allergic to it. Latex-free condoms are made from a different non-latex material. Durex Real Feel latex-free condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a material that makes them suitable for people who have an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins.

If you do have an allergy to latex material, any adverse reactions are in the last place you want them – your nether regions, and anyone who suffers will tell you that an itchy painful rash down there is not a good way to enjoy the sex. Latex-free condoms allow those of you with an allergy to have a safe pain-free sex life. So enjoy your sex with your partner by latex free condoms.

As an custom condom manufacturer, we can offer you polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms in clients own brand, welcome inquiry us by email.


latex condom,non latex condom,polyurethane condom

Are all condoms latex?

Are all condoms latex?

Latex condom is common and widely used. Better prevent HIV,STDS,PREGNANT. But it includes natural rubber latex, may cause latex allergic.

But don’t worry, those who latex allergic can choose non latex condom. Such as polyurethane condoms. PU condom is our new and recommended products in 2018.

It has thickness of 0.01mm,0.02mm,0.03mm.Here we suggest 0.02mm. They are now in the testing process and price acceptable. We trust we can cooperate in future soon.

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Lifestyles Skyn Large latex-free condoms

if you once try the Latex-free condoms? even when you are not searching for a large size, can be quite a chore. Thankfully, you have the Lifestyles Skyn Large. This range of condoms, with a width of 56mm, is ideal for those who suffer from a latex allergy. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and the sex still feels absolutely brilliant with them on! Width: 2.20″/56 mm Length: 7.87″/200 mm.

As a condom manufacturer, we also produced the polyurethane condom for the latex allergic consumer, but the price is too high, welcome contact us if you interest to build own brand non latex condom.


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polyurethane condom make you feel wearing nothing

Condoms are great options for contraception; they’re inexpensive and easy to use.  But most condoms are non vegan. Here we recommend some vegan condoms made by GLYDE, L. and Sir Richards. These three companies are making epic strides in changing the condom industry. Glyde sources it’s latex from non-GMO rubber trees and is Fair Trade certified. For every condom you buy from Sir Richard or L., another gets donated to a country in need. L. also recycles all unused or excess rubber latex leftover from the manufacturing process by sending it to facilities that can re-use the material to make other rubber products such as flip flops.


We’re one professional condom manufacturer, except the traditional condoms, we are all dedicate to research new condoms’ producing like polyurethane condoms. Our PU condom with thickness 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.03mm, which is latex free and make your skin feel wearing nothing.

If interest, welcome contact us:

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Brilliant new condom fights HIV infection with an antioxidant-embedded hydrogel

latex condoms are one of the most effective tools we have to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, and now, thanks to the work of Texas A&M professor, the world might soon get a new condom that sexually active people actually want to use it. The brand new condom proposal ditches latex for a hydrogel polymer, which doubles up on sexual safety by actively going after the contaminant virus. It is enmeshed with an antioxidant ingredient that has anti-HIV properties, and can even enhance the sexual experience.

The creator of this revolutionary new prophylactic, Mahua Choudhury, is an assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Hydrogels like the one in her new condom design have already been used in tactile sensors, contact lenses, and medical applications. And the condom’s hydrogel material only packs extra sexual safety features onto the existing efficacy of latex condoms. In addition to preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and reducing unplanned pregnancies, Choudhury’s condom features a unique disease-fighting component. let’s wait the new material condom come into market openly.

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