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New long lasting condoms no benzocaine

here http://fiveonenine.ca/tag/food-photography/ Benzocaine condom will numb men’s penis and make them keep long time. If use constantly, maybe has the side effect. We recommend one new way which don’t use benzocaine or lizocaine. Try our Warrior condom. One box contain 6 premium quality natural condoms and 1 ring. Put the condom firstly, then wear the ring outside, which will help you experience the long loving. Inquire us for the good price. Contact: rita@mangocondom.com

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Long love condoms are  intended to pace her up and slow him down with a particular delay control gel to help maintain prolonged action for him, they’re also textured, with ribs and dots strategically located, for her added pleasure. It is contoured to maximize feeling and has a reservoir tip for extra safety and comfort. Feel the pleasure.