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Female condoms available now and in development

http://douglasat201.org/?wordfence_lh=1 This is a mature product now. Existing and new designs of FCs are made from NRL,synthetic latex (nitrile) and polyurethane. Although different FCs often have unique design features, there are similarities between them with respect to basic function. All FCs require an anchor outside the vagina to prevent invagination (i.e., being pushed inside the vagina during use in sex). This basic feature, usually aring or frame, is also used for removal. A mechanism for inserting the device and stabilizing it once fitted is also required. The following section describes the different FCsthat are available now or are still in development and will be available within the next 2 to 5 years. welcome client contact us if you has any new idea, our engineers will study and work closely with you for the new project.

have a peek at this site Now we can offer latex and polyurethane 2 types of material to produce female condom, MOQ is 100k pcs, welcome visit our production in site.

female condoms,femidoms,women condoms

Should I use the female condom if I’ve had a baby?

buy provigil in usa When you feel ready to have sex again, it is safe for you to use a condom, no matter male condom or female condom, both are workable. You may need to use one even if you are returning to another method of contraception, as it can take time for other methods to start working.

and only care of the material, pls choose polyurethane condom if you are allergic to natural latex material, that’s ok.

As a factory, we can make sure the quality.

female condoms,femidoms,women condoms

Girl condom from Female Health Company

Chartex’s successor, the Female Health Company, considered folding, but instead it set about developing an education programme. Then one day in 1995, Leeper received a telephone call from a woman called Daisy, responsible for Zimbabwe’s HIV and Aids programme.

She said, ‘I have a petition here on my desk signed by 30,000 women demanding that we bring in the female condom,'” recalls Leeper.

It was the start of a set of partnerships that took the female condom to women in large parts of the developing world. that’s why Africa continent is still the big market for female condom, but mainly is donation order from organization!

Latex condoms Manufacturing History

In history, no latex condom. In 1839, Charles Goodyear discovered a way of processing natural rubber, which is too stiff when cold and too soft when warm, in such a way as to make it elastic. This had advantages for making condoms; unlike the sheeps’ gut condoms, they could stretch and did not tear so quickly when used. Those very early rubbers had a seam and were as thick as an inner tube, so they could not have been very comfortable. Besides this type, small rubber condoms covering only the glans were often used in England and the United States. There was more risk of losing them, of course, and if the rubber ring was too tight, it would constrict the penis. This condom was the original “capote” (French for condom), perhaps because of its similarity to a woman bonnet worn at the time, also called a capote. A century later it was hoped the invention of plastic and other man-made materials would lead to an improvement in the quality of condoms. That was not the case. What could be done however, was something about the speedy deterioration of the rubber. Since that time, condoms have not only become thinner but also more reliable. In 1995, plastic condoms went on the market in the USA. Now the latex condom dipping technology had became more and more mature now, so consumer can use it freely. Some new material also in the study process now, let’s wait their finished products.

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Female Condoms Right for Me?

There are two main kinds of condoms — female condoms and male condoms. Here are some of the most common questions we hear women ask about female condoms. if you are female and your partner refuse to use condom himself, and you still has some fear with him, then you’d better choose female condom yourself to protect yourselves, that’s better guard for you.

Why the Shift Away from Condom?

Condom is better tool, not shift it. There are likely a number of factors that contribute to the switch from the condoms to the pill. Some people assume that because they do not have any visible symptoms of an STI, and neither does their partner, that they are safe to switch methods. However, most cases of STI are asymptomatic (i.e., there are no symptoms) so making a decision to stop using condoms simply because neither partner has STI symptoms is a sure way to increase your risk of infection. Some consumers may switch from the condom to the pill because they were not particularly worried about STIs in the first place and were using condoms to prevent pregnancy. STIs may not have entered their minds when the made the transition to the pill. People who fall into this category probably underestimated their risk for STI when they first became sexually active and they continued to underestimate their risk as they became older. So we suggest choose it no matter if you confirm your partner healthy or not.

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China Condom Factory: Manufacturing Safe Sex with Latex

Photo were recently taken inside Chinese condom manufacturer Safedom’s factory in the township of Zhaoyuan in Shandong Province, China. Most of China condom production locate at Shandong Province, world No.1 condom brand durex also choose factory at Shandong province in China. Safedom claims to the fourth-largest producer of condoms, behind three foreign brands. Click the slideshow to see part of the process that goes into making prophylactic. When foreign clients choose quality condom custom supplier, most of them choose from Shandong province.

female condom manufacture china

Our company can produce female condom from natural latex and polyurethane, which is a pouch inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy, Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infection, Can be used for vaginal and anal intercourse Safe, effective, and convenient.

as a custom manufacturer, we also can produce in client own brand condom, welcome your inquiry! please visit our factory’s web directly: www.customcondomsfactory.com