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Never use two condoms together

visit the site Using two condoms together, either two male condoms one on top of the other or the female and male condom together, is a bad idea. Some people get the wrong idea that two condoms mean more protection.
Use one condom would protect against HIV infection has been tested reliably. On the other hand, there have been no tests confirming that using two condoms together leads to better protection against unwanted pregnancies or transmission of HIV or other STDs. Single condom used properly are 98% effective, even if they are not used properly, the success rate has been found to be as high as 85%. So, it is better to try to know the best way of using a single condom rather than trying two condoms together.

benefits for use condoms

Some benefits unique to condoms Condoms are proved to decrease the transmission rates of STDs. This is their greatest utility.

imp source Condoms do not cost much if anything.

Condoms can be purchased easily. You can buy over the counter at any grocery store, pharmacy, online shop.

Condoms use are convenient. They are small, easily concealed, and ready for immediate use.

Condoms are a good option for those couples who are not wanting to get pregnant right away.

Condoms is the best way in contraception and preventing STDs. Welcome contact us for producing your condoms:

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The reason why men do not like using a condom during sex

Many people know that the use of a condoms in sex is appropriate not only as protection against conception but also as a way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. But when it comes to real contact, many men will not use it. Why? The core of the problem lies in the size of sold condoms.
A recent study among Australian heterosexual men found that only one in three had used a condom during the last contact with a new partner.

Experts therefore wanted to know what the reasons behind it. The most frequent answers were not surprising. Men often complained about discomfort when using a condom or reduced sensitivity in contact. But it was not enough for experts to go further in their research. And they got to the core of the problem itself. Behind everything is the size of condoms, which are of a standard size larger than the average length of the penis during erection. Most men are so common a large condom.

Standard length
Until recently, all standard condoms had a length of at least 17 cm. However, many studies have pointed out that the average length of the erect penis is about 2.5 centimeters shorter, the New York Times reported.

“The idea was to be a regular condom long enough for all men. If it is longer, the length can be rolled up, “Debby Herbenick, a sexual health expert at Indian University in the United States, told Daily Telegraph.

She, in a study she and her colleagues across the United States, found that 83 per cent of men (out of a total of 1,661 people) had the length of a stiff penis shorter than the 17 cm. On average, it was only 14.15 centimeters.

In similar research in the UK, the results of which were published in BJU International Urological Journal, experts found an average penile size of 13.12 cm in erection.

More dimensions, more satisfaction
Maybe she’s lying for better times. US Global Protection Corp. began to produce condoms in a total of 60 sizes that combine ten different lengths and nine sizes of male penis. They now offer lengths ranging from 12.45 cm to 23.88 centimeters and a circumference from 8.9 cm to 12.7 centimeters. For comparison, commonly available condoms range from 17 to 21.1 centimeters in length and 9.9 to 11.43 centimeters in circumference.

“If men bought the smallest size of the condom, and yet it was still big for them, it is terrible for them,” the president said. He added, shortly after the sale, customers ordered all the sizes they offered.

In order to guarantee confidentiality, the company offers random letters and numbers, such as B17, when ordering in the new size markings instead of standard length units. Only the ordering party will know what size is hidden under this label.

Condoms and Pill

Some misconceptions about the use of condoms in birth control

  1. Many people believe that at least 18 years of age to buy condoms. This is a wrong idea. Even young people can buy it if needed. Not only that, it is available free from different community health centers or public health centers.
  2. Many people think that condoms do not require oral sex. But condoms are not just used for birth control. It protects people from sexually transmitted diseases.

So if the partner or partner is carrying any infection, the condom is necessary.

  1. Many people think that condoms are not expired. This is a wrong idea. There may be some problem with the use of expired condoms, including rattling genital rashes.
  2. Condom is uncomfortable and sex is not enjoyable. But the feeling that comes without condom, couples get the same feeling with it.
  3. Many people think that using condoms does not require condom use. But the risk remains the same. Because it is possible to conceive by eating birthdays.
  4. Another misconception is in circulation. That is, there is no risk to using two condoms simultaneously. Actually, you have to use a condom at once. It is important to use properly.
  5. Many people think that lubricants can be used to make the condom more slippery. The idea is wrong. The field should be used in water or silicon based lubricants.
  6. Many people think that condoms can be used in sex. But there is a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. If you have sex twice, there is no problem with using condoms for the first time. But this is also a misconception. The use of condoms is to use as many times as possible.
  8. It is also wrong to say that the condom can be kept anywhere. Can not be kept at extra temperature. Again condoms in the pocket pocket, but its elasticity nose. Could be.
  9. Latex condoms are found in many cases of allergic reactions. It is thought that if sex can not be sex then. But there are many condoms in the market that are not latex. These can be used easily
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How to Use a Condom Consistently and Correctly?

Following are the main usage instructions and easy mistake in actual practice.

  • Use a new condom for each act of vaginal, anal and oral sex—throughout the entire sex act (from start to finish). Before any genital contact, put the condom on the tip of the erect penis with the rolled side out.
  • If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip enough to leave a half-inch space for semen to collect. Holding the tip, unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis.
  • After ejaculation and before the penis gets soft, grip the rim of the condom and carefully withdraw. Then gently pull the condom off the penis, making sure that semen does not spill out.
  • Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash where others won’t handle it.
  • If you feel the condom break at any point during sexual activity, stop immediately, withdraw, remove the broken condom, and put on a new one.
  • Ensure that adequate lubrication is used during vaginal and anal sex, which might require water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants should not be used because they can weaken latex material, causing breakage.

It will offer fully protection if buy quality condom and use it correctly, which still are the best choice for pregnancy and HIV protection.

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Reasons for using condom

The primary purposes of condoms are to prevent unwanted pregnancies and transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from these two, did you know that condoms have other uses, too?

Condoms help make sex less messy since your juices won’t be all over the place when you go off. At the same time, there are no medical side effects that prove condom use can lead to birth defects.

More importantly, you don’t need a prescription to avail of a condom. All you need is your money and to choose the type of condom you want, and then you just pay for it.

As a guy, it is part of your responsibility to make sure that you provide hot and steamy sex that’s also safe. Use a condom. It won’t hurt. Premium quality condom maker:

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How to talk about condom to your partner?

Talking about condom to your partner will be an embarrassed topic. But not talking about condoms can affect a person’s safety. How can you overcome it?

First to know what a condom looks like, how it works, and what it’s like to handle one. The next thing to get comfortable with is bringing up the topic of condoms with a partner. Practice opening lines. If you think your partner will object, work out your response ahead of time. Finally pick the right time to bring up the subject with your partner. A good time to do this is long before you’re in a situation where you might need a condom. Make it clear that you won’t have sex without a condom.

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What reduces the effectiveness of condom?

Normally condom is the best method to protect both of us, but it also has rate to fail. Some substances can weaken the condom. Maintain condom effectiveness by being aware of the following: Using two condoms at the same time increases the risk of a latex condom breaking. If you or your partner is allergic to latex material, use polyurethane or natural membrane condoms. Petroleum or oil-based intimate lubricants should not be used with latex condoms. These substances weaken the latex and can lead to breakage. Oil-based lubricants can be used with some synthetic condoms. Always read lubricant labels to be sure it is safe to use with the type of condom you have chosen. Some medications intended for vaginal use (like yeast infection treatments) can weaken latex condoms. Treatments that contain estrogen are especially damaging to latex condoms. Make sure use the condom correctly, which will make sure we are safe, this is very important.

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Can condoms make you less sensitive?

Wearing a condom can make you less sensitive down there. That’s totally normal. Just think about what your hands or feet will feel if they are tied. Same goes with your member.
However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in bed anymore and feel less pleasure. The truth is you can use it to your advantage, since it can make you last longer.
And, if you are worried about being less sensitive down there, then keep in mind that condoms come in different variations. You can go for textured condoms or those rubber sheets that come with different flavors to increase sensitivity down south. This can add some extra pleasure, too.
Choose different types of condoms and find the one which best for you. Welcome contact condom factory:

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What type of condom to choose is your best option?

if you once try different types condom? which one is your best option? The guide will help you to choose the type of condom you need. Several types of condoms are available. Each type has its special indications. The latex condom protects against STD’s. For better protection, it is recommended also to use a spermicide gel or foam. The natural membrane condom is more expensive than a latex condom, does not protect against STD’s and has a particular smell. It is used when there is an allergy to latex.

The lubricated condom reduces friction, thereby lowering the risk of damage. However, for oral intercourse a non-lubricated condom should be used instead. The condom with spermicide provides increased contraceptive protection. Thinner or ribbed condoms increase sensitiveness. Larger condoms are both longer and wider for better comfort. More resistant condoms provide greater protection for anal intercourse. Different types condom has its own function, you can choose it according to your favorite.

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