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Best condoms of Mango brand Mango condom®  is professional condom manufacturer at China, started from 2008. Germany and Chinese engineers worked together to installed the condom production dipping lines for us, and we also improved little by little to make it more good quality control, together with advanced new equipment of dry method electronically testing line, and all our latex import direct from Thailand’s latex garden plant, which make sure our condom’s quality in premium level. Germany TUV certification company inspect and audit our company each year, they issued the ISO/CE certificates for our condom products.

buy provigil in the uk Why distribute Mango condom?

  • 1) Mango condom designed for soft, safe and sensitive feeling for you.
  • 2) A new brand of quality production at affordable price. Let consumer only pay quality, never pay ads.
  • 3) It’s workable add distributor’s information on the package up to a certain quantity.
  • 4) Fast delivery than your anticipate. Custom produce clients own brand condom also is our company’s main business, our own logo condom only up to about 1/4 of our current production capacity now, so we welcome worldwide condom brands custom produce at our plant, and we already cooperated with more than 50 condom brands from Europe, African Asia and America, and our OEM goods also exported to more than 60 countries, welcome other world clients inquiry us, you will like our condom quality and price.

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How can you become our Mango condom distributor?

Unlike other major international condom manufacturers or famous brands, We believe in nurturing our condom distributors for a mutually beneficial, long term partnership during which significant market share can be achieved. We cooperate with small and large condom distributors all over the world.

The prequalification process is simple and straight forward. We can tell you in as short as 3-7 days if your distributorship has been accepted, after that we will work closely with you to develop your market.

Welcome to become our Mango condom distributors. Any requests, please send us email: