Super Ribs and Dots Condoms

buy accutane pills buy Gabapentin for dogs Bored with classic condom, if you once try different texture one? How often can you purchase a condom that has extra sensations for both partners? When you use super Dots and Ribs Condoms both the male and the female are allowed to enjoy unique feelings that lead to incredible orgasms. Dots and Ribs Condoms have combined raised ribs strategically placed for extra pleasure for him together with deliciously dainty dots all over giving heightened sensation for her. Just because they are dainty does not mean they are to petite to cause a waterfall of erotic  reactions. Working in harmony they maximize pleasure and enjoyment for both partners. This type ribs and dots really can offer more sexual feeling, and it’s healthy to use it, so we can choose and use it freely.

Our company can offer this type super ribs & dots condom in clients own brand, MOQ 100K , welcome inquiry us!