Spermicidal Lube, How Effective?

buy Seroquel with american express As for birth control, most consumer choose latex condom, only a few professional consumer know the spermicidal condom or spermicidal lube. Women who wish to prevent pregnancy have many contraception options available to them, and deciding on the best one requires research. One of the most important questions to ask is whether or not a particular form of birth control is effective. If you are considering using a spermicidal lube as your main form of birth control, take some time to learn about its effectiveness, benefits and risks before you do.
According to a study reported on by Family Health International, spermicidal products, including lubricants, have a 26 percent failure rate for typical use in the first year of use. Planned Parenthood indicates that spermicidal products will fail 15 percent of the time with perfect use, and 29 percent of the time with typical use. This is one of the highest failure rates among accepted contraceptive options, but these products do lower the risk of becoming pregnant when no other contraception option is available. So it’s better choose condom if you need more rate of safe.

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