South Africa HIV and condom use

buy Pregabalin usa cheap flights lyrics if you know which country has highest HIV rates in Africa? South Africa has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV prevalence, with 18.8% of adults aged 15-49 HIV infected. 1 Research indicates that heterosexual sex is the leading mode of transmission of HIV in the region. The correct and consistent use of male condoms has proven to be highly effective in the prevention of HIV transmission. Studies have indicated that condom errors, including inconsistent condom use, occur frequently and reduce their effectiveness. The fit and feeling of male condoms has presented as one of the leading barriers to consistent use. Multiple studies conducted across countries have indicated that men often report condom fit as being either too long, too short, too loose, or too tight. Studies have also suggested that man who report poor condom fit are more likely to report condom errors, including breakage and slippage, as well as sexual difficulties, and reduced sexual pleasure for both partners, this increase the risk, so it’s top important work to promote the correct use