Some Pretty Messed Up Ideas About Condom Use for Straight Guys

i loved this When it comes to condom use by straight guys, a small new study showed a troubling finding. Researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK found that the more attractive a straight man finds his sexual partner, the less likely he is to believe she has an STD. The less he thinks she has an STD, the more likely he’d have sex with her without a condom.

Discover More This study was only conducted on 51 straight men, which is a very small sample size as far as studies go. So, not everyone out there in the world thinks this way. But even so, the finding is troubling, especially because attractiveness has nothing to do with STDs. If you’re having sex, there’s a chance you can contract an STD, especially if you’re not using protection. This is regardless of how you may look, act, or seem. Second of all, no excused to use protection when you’re having sex.

One of the best qualities of a sexual partner is that they respect both you and themselves enough to use proper protection. Condoms reduce the possible that either you or your partner will contract an STD, which is totally sexy. If someone ever tells you that you’re too attractive for them to use a condom, let them know that they just became a lot less attractive, and walk away.