Some dangerous condom mistakes you usually make but didn’t know

try this Wearing two condoms


The friction can course both condoms break easily. You are good with one, don’t try two condoms together.


Using flavored condoms


Some flavored condoms can only used for oral sex. Avoid use flavored condoms contain sugars during vaginal intercourse.


Using Expired Condoms


Condoms have expiration dates, you should pay attention to them. An older condom might dry out or be week, which  will make it break a lot more easily.


Using the wrong type of lube


You should always use water-based lube. It’s better on your vagina, also less likely to tear the condom. Oil-based lube or Vaseline will weaken the latex condom and cause tears.


Opening it with your teeth


If open with your teeth, it may accidentally tear a hole in the condom. That will make you at risk of STDs and even pregnancy. Open it very carefully, and be sure not to puncture the condom with your nails.


Depending on the guy to bring one condom


You never know what kind of situation you will end up in, you should still carry one condom with you, it’s super responsible.


Putting it on the wrong way


You are putting it on the wrong way if it unroll not easily. Be sure to throw it away instead of putting it on the other way if put it wrong first time.


Not using a condom at all


Condoms are really important. If your partner tried to get you to have sex without  one, say NO to him. Make sure to use a condom during sex!


Take care of these dangerous mistakes when use a condom and avoid them. More information about condoms feel free contact us: