Silicone-Based Lubricants customized manufacturer

Long lasting lubricants always easy get consumer’s favorite like, not as water based lubricants, Silicone-based lubes are the most waterproof lubricants available on the market today. They can easily be used in the shower, in the pool or in the bathtub for a sexy underwater romp either by yourself or with a partner. Silicone lubes are particularly long lasting and concentrated, so usually only a small amount applied once, is necessary for that wet and wild effect.

Therefore, purchasing a 10oz container of a silicone-based lube is likely to last for a much longer time than a 10oz container of water-based lube. Our staff and customers agree that Pjur Orginal BodyGlide is the best silicone-based lube available today.

A lot of folks may balk at the idea of putting silicone into their bodies– water-based lube sounds so much more organic and natural, does not it? But the fact is, silicone is perfectly safe and often has even fewer crazy chemicals than water-based lubes. Unlike water-based lubes, silicone also is not absorbed by your sensitive mucus membranes, so while it may take less time to feel clean, it is not going into your body.

Silicone-based lubes are especially recommended for anal sex because they won’t get absorbed by the anus. Our favorite? WET Uranus Silicone-Based. Many anal lubes use a thicker silicone-based lube– the thickness allows the lube to stay in place a little better.

As a custom sexual lubricants factory, we can custom produce clients own brand package, welcome inquiry us!