silicone based lubricants custom factory

Silicone based lubricants are the newest category of sexual lubricant on the market. Latex Condom manufacturers have been using silicone based lubricants for years on their pre-lubricated condoms, but more recently lube manufacturers have begun selling silicone lubricants for sexual and sensual purposes.

Silicone is a synthetic substance. A lubricant containing it stays slippery longer than those that are water-based. A silicone lubricant is safe to use with condoms but may be difficult to wash off from your body, clothes, or sheets since they are water-resistant. Silicone lubes can also be used during underwater sex. Those with sensitive skin may especially want to consider them; they typically do not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. These personal lubricants are more expensive than water-based options. So please consider if your target consumer can afford its price when you plan bring silicone lube into your line, we are pleasure to custom produce it in your own logo, welcome your inquiry.