personalized condom or named Custom condom order’s MOQ is only 10,000 pcs can you buy furosemide over the counter in uk As an OEM condom factory, personalized condom or named custom condom production is our main business, during our custom production period, many clients just is starter of condom business, they can’t up to our MOQ 500,000 pcs, but they really want to have own brand condom as a trial business, it’s really high risk for them to start first order at 500,000 pcs, it’s also high finance burden, they always ask our sales team if we can start as 10,000 pcs?


The small custom order’s main difficult is the foil print, the printer’s MOQ for us is 300kg foil each order, exactly could seal 500,000 pcs condom, this also can make foil’s average cost on best way, it’s only need 6kg foil if 10,000 pcs condom, any printer will not accept 6kg custom foil order. In order to make 6kg foil print come true, the foil printer finally agree with our suggestion, that’s we pay them some setup charge together with our company big foil print orders each month, they still can benefit if accept our small orders.


So we can accept custom condom order as less as 10,000 pcs, please inquiry us by email:  if you have the need.