As a professional quality condom factory, we also have good cost control, so we are pleasure to custom produce your own brand condom.

please offer us your condom types and package option, so we can calculate for you.

As we only supply quality condom, so our price not cheap, and a little higher than competitor factory, we are not your choice if you only care about find lowest price condom.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Jacksonville Florida check out this site 1: Which shape condom you need?

A: Plain condom; B: Dotted condom; C: Ribbed condom; D: Contoured condom; E: Spike condom;

2: Which color you need?

A:Natural ; B: Green; C: Yellow; D: Black; E: Blue F:Red

3: Which additive you need?

A: Flavor; B: Spermicidal C: Benzocaine gel D: Warming or cooling lubricants

4: Which shape foil wrapper you need?

A: Square B: Rectangle C: Circle blister

5: How many pcs condom per consumer box?

A: 1 piece/box B: 3pcs/box  C: 6pcs/box  D: 10pcs/box E: 12pcs/box F: 24pcs/box G: 100 pcs/box H: 144pcs/box

6: What’s your quantity?

How many boxes you need?

7: Design artwork or photo.

It’s better if you can send us your design artwork or photo, which will help us better understand you. or you also can send us your idea or style, our designer can work for you.


When we have all your information, our team will work for you exactly. we also can send the custom condom price list to you, you can study it at first to check our price level if up to your budget.

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