numbing condoms supplier

prednisone for dogs buy online uk Numbing condom is not a health way for sex, which will make the man reply on it, but some male consumer still prefer to use it. Extended pleasure condoms delay the ejaculation by chemically numbing the sensitivity in penis. This list is a review of extended pleasure condoms also known as delayed ejaculation condoms.  As a factory, we can custom produce it if clients need it, MOQ is 100 000 boxes.

use this link or if you has own formula or you also can supply us the special lubricants, we can add your lubricants into the condom.,57221),0,0),c=g.getImageData(16,16,1,1).data,g.fillText(h(55356,57221,55356,57343),0,0),c=g.getImageData(16,16,1,1).data,e=c[0]