Novelty Condoms not use for sex protection

see this website click Novelty condom is condom that are not designed to be used for sex. They are joke condom or gag gift. Sometimes people do not realize that novelty condoms are novelties, however. That has the potential to make them dangerous in sex. While most novelty condoms are labeled as not for use for sex, sometimes that label is not so easy to find. Some good company write it clearly on front of the box in big fonts.  Price Varies. Novelty condoms may be cheaper than regular condom, but they also may be substantially more expensive. The price depends on what the novelty condoms are made of and how they are being marketed and packed. Where to Find Them: Novelty condoms are easily found online store and occasionally in gift shop or joke shop. Some sex shop may also carry novelty condom, if it’s a store that carries humorous products, but they may not be shelved with the condoms that can actually be used for safe sex. So you can choose novelty condom if you need pleasure.

Any new idea of this type condom is welcomed by us, we are pleasure to produce as your idea.