Next-generation new condoms that feels like skin comes closer

Many stranger things take place in the name of science. For biomedical engineer Robert Gorkin that meant a trip to a sex shop. In his endeavour to design the next generation of new condoms to replace latex versions with a material that feels like skin, the University of Wollongong researcher needed a mould for his prototype. “I had to go into a sex shop and talk to the owner about the different types of dildos that could withstand certain temperatures and other things,” he said. When the owner gave Dr Gorkin a puzzled look, the engineer assured him the purchase was for “science”.


He was like, sure buddy, I hear it all’,” said Dr Gorkin. But the adventure paid off. On Wednesday, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the University of Wollongong researcher and his team $100,000 to further develop their design as part of an initiative to encourage bold ideas for global health problems. This will also boost consumer more likely to use condoms.