men are responsible for condoms purchase?

see this website Here is another common misconception about condoms. Many women think that men should be responsible for having a condom available all time. In the past, young men have been encouraged to have a condom in their wallets at all times just in case the need arises. This seems perfectly reasonable; however, there are some problems with this. By carrying the condom in a wallet, you are exposing it to heat changes which could affect its flexibility and overall effectiveness. A condom that’s been in a wallet may also be past its expiration date, which again, can reduce effectiveness. A woman shouldn’t be afraid to carry a condom nor should they be looked down upon because they simply want to protect themselves. So we suggest buy and stock it in case of urgent need, never stock it for more than one year, no need and not reasonable, it’s easy to access it through the streets and online store.