MANGO condoms that are very safe and highly reliable

you could try these out We manufacture MANGO condoms that are very safe and highly reliable. These condoms are lubricated with non-spermicidal lubricant. MANGO condoms are lubricated for the ultimate natural sensation. These lubricated condoms are available in various flavors to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. We are the suppliers of Flavored condoms that come in a variety of shapes. Most Condoms have a reservoir tip although some have a plain tip. Condoms may be regular shaped, form fit (indented below the head of the penis), or they may be flared. Ribbed condoms are textured with ribs or bumps, which can increase sensation for both partners. MANGO Extra large  Condoms that are in compliance with International standards. These Extra large Condoms are manufactured using superior grade latex and are exclusively designed for extra large sizes and give true pleasure as well as extreme comfort. To buy MANGO condoms, Email: