Lust Therapy Condoms from USA inventor

sildenafil priligy cheap This is a new type condom, total different idea as current goods. The name of the concept the inventor has chosen is  buy provigil dubai Lust-Therapy, although he is open to the possibility of a name change and reserves final approval regarding the official name.  Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications of the invention.

look at here The concept Mr. Pike has envisioned is a condom lubricated with products designed to enhance sexual acts for men and women.  By stimulating the woman’s clitoris more, the male’s pleasure will also be intensified, making the act more mutually satisfying for both partners.  When men realize their experience is enhanced when using this condom, more men will use it, resulting in a lower rate of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.  A further, more detailed description of this product will be elaborated upon in the following segment. Let’s see how long this new condoms can last.