low rates of condom use in Africa

buy Lyrica 75 mg Which is better in preventing HIV? Condom use is a critical prevention element tool in a comprehensive, effective and sustainable approach to HIV. While no barrier method is 100 percent effective, correct and consistent use of latex condoms can greatly reduce the risk of transmission of HIV.

buy Pregabalin cheap Failure to use condoms correctly with every act of intercourse, however, has been shown to increase the risk of HIV transmission. In recent studies, condom used by men at last higher risk sex (with a nonmarital, noncohabiting partner) in Africa ranged from just 13.1 percent in Madagascar (2008 DHS) to 77.3 percent in Zimbabwe (2011 DHS). Statistics on whether a condom was worn at last sex are usually substantially lower and indicate that condoms are generally not used consistently with all partners in most settings. Consistent condom use is predicated upon a reliable, widely available and accessible supply of condoms. Behavior change programs are also necessary to create demand for correct and consistent condom usage. In many countries, condom supplies have been inconsistent and condom promotional efforts have been insufficient. African esp need more condom use to keep the HIV out, which has the highest HIV infected rates in the world.