Largest Condom Maker in the world Continue Goes Long largest condom maker in world had a heck of a first day on the stock market. Shares of Karex Industries—ahem—rose by almost one-third on the Malaysian stock exchange in the company’s public debut on Wednesday. Make no mistake, it is not just getting lucky.

buy provigil over the counter Can you think of a more recession-proof business? There are consumer staples and then there are consumer staples. Thanks to population growth and the immortal recordings of Barry White, global condom sales have increased at a steady 7 percent rate annually. An AIDS vaccine would be one of the few threats to Karex condom business, according to the company’s prospectus.  

With about 750 workers, Malaysia-based Karex makes about one in 10 condoms sold anywhere in the world, including popular brands like Carex and LifeStyles. It also makes a batch of other products that pair well with latex, including latex gloves, intimate lube, and something called a “probe cover,” which, frankly, we are afraid to Google. Karex started as a glove business in the late 1980s, in fact, and condom sales only took off in the ’90s as more stringent testing washed out a wave of all others competitors.