Lambskin Condoms: For Pregnancy Only

priligy online purchase in india There are two main purposes for wearing a condom during sex:  prevent pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The most effective condom material for both of these purposes is latex or polyurethane, used with a spermicidal lubricant if needed. There are other materials used to make condoms, but not all are effective for both pregnancy and STD prevention.  Such as lambskin condoms. Lambskin condoms are not actually made from lambs’ skin. Instead, they are made from a thin membrane that’s part of sheep intestine. The part of the sheep intestine that lambskin condoms are made from is known as the caecum.

Lambskin condoms can be used for pregnancy prevention, they are not effective at protecting sexual partners from STDs. For STD prevention, latex or polyurethane condoms are a much better choice.

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