Instructions for use condom

  1. Carefully tear off foil pack, making sure not to damage the condom.
  2. During removal from foil, avoid damage to the condom by fingernails, jewelry and etc.
  3. Squeeze the reservoir end of the condom gently, between the thumb and the

article source forefinger to expel the air out of the tip, while placing the condom over the head

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buy prednisolone eye drops online This must be done before any contact occurs between the penis and the partner’s

body to assist in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

  1. While still holding the reservoir tip, unroll the condom over the entire length of the

erect penis with the other hand.

  1. Stop and check if the condom slipping off or tightening excessively onto the penis

as this might lead to breakage.

  1. After ejaculation, hold on the rim of the condom and slowly withdraw the penis

while it is still erect so that the condom does not slip off.

  1. Remove the condom from your penis by sliding it off slowly. It is important not to

permit the penis. Or used condom to touch the vagina area after withdrawal.

  1. Wrap the used condom and dispose it hygienically in closed rubbish bin.