if Spermicidal lubricants safe use in condom?

furosemide for dogs buy pop over to these guys There is evidence to suggest that the use of spermicidal lubricant in condoms is inappropriate for the following reasons:
a. Spermicides can cause irritation of mucous membranes, which may reduce acceptability and increase the risk of HIV infection
b. Most spermicidal lubricants will dry up when exposed to air. Therefore, they are exceptionally dependent on package integrity.
c. Shelf-life of condoms with spermicidal lubricant is limited by the shelf-life of the spermicide. such as condom is 5 years, but spermicidal lube is only 2 years.
d. Evidence suggests that surfactant spermicides weaken package seals.

So we don’t recommend our clients choose spermicidal condom, not safe not healthy to use.