If any disadvantage of traditional male condom?

basics As we know, male condom is the most and popular used medical device in preventing unwanted pregnancy and reducing the sexual transmitted diseases.

buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery They are highly portable, easy to use and obtain. Male condom is a very good effective way for contraception. But is also has some disadvantages.

http://mountfelixtapestry.co.uk/470b5bb0f589a2492bfc458bb6a37cb1/ Firstly male condom mostly made by natural rubber latex. Some people who’re latex allergy can’t use the condom. Secondly latex male condom can’t add oil lubricant, if additional lubricant need, please make sure using the water based lubricant. Some people may think use condom will decrease the sensation. But on contrary, some people think use condom make them keep long love sex life. You can choose our ultra thin condom, which give people the skin feeling and do protect you.

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