How to use lubricant for more comfortable and pleasurable sex?

can i buy Lyrica online 1.Choose the right lubricant for the right situation. Water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant are well suited for latex condoms(oil-based products, such as olive oil, oil-based lubricants or massage oil can cause latex condoms to tear). Silicone-based lubricants are better suited for sex play in the bath, shower or hot tub as water-based lubricants will wash away.

buy Lyrica in uk 2. Apply the lubricant to your or your partner’s fingertips for more careful application and less chance of spilling it onto the bed or floor.

buy neurontin from us pharmacy 3. Next, use your or your partner’s fingers to apply the lubricant to the parts that need to ‘fit together” well, such as around a woman’s vaginal opening or on a man’s penis. If you’re using lubricant for sex toy play, consider applying some lubricant to the sex toy as well.

4. Water-based lubricant is easily absorbed into the body, so if sex goes on for some time, water-based lubricant may need to be re-applied. Small dabs of water can also help to re-activate the lubricant.


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