How to measure your penis to get suitable condom.

read this post here There are five steps for you easy to get a better measurement of your penis. Gather your materials, Like Pen, Paper, soft measuring tape or string and a ruler.

gabapentin 300 mg for dogs side effects While fully erect, position the measuring tape or piece of string at the base of your shaft, where it reach your pubic bone.

Measure all the ways to the end of the tip and use the pen to mark this spot on the tape or string.

Without squeezing the shaft with the tape or string, lightly wrap the penis once around for a circumstance measurement, approximately 1/4inches away from the body. Start the wrap on the underside, then it is more easier to mark the tape or string when it meets the top.

If you are using a string, lay it out taught on a flat surface and compare the two marks with a ruler to get your exact measurement.

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