how to choose condom testing laboratories?

is it safe to buy antabuse online watch there are 3 types condom test laboratories, first is manufacturers’ laboratories; second is independent accredited test laboratories; the third is national regulatory laboratories. Laboratories that test condoms for regulatory or compliance purposes need to have systems in place to ensure the reliability of their results. ISO has developed a quality management system specifically for laboratories, ISO 17025. Laboratories that comply with ISO 17025 will also operate in accordance with ISO 9001. ISO 17025 covers the essential elements of ISO 9001 as well as laboratory-specific requirements, such as technical requirements for equipment, calibration, uncertainty management and technical competence of the staff. The laboratory must conduct regular, traceable calibration of its measuring equipment, have an adequate maintenance system, and have systems in place to ensure the technical competence of their staff. Condom testing laboratories used for prequalification and Pre-shipment compliance testing should be accredited to ISO 17025. There are a number of international mutual recognition agreements among accreditation bodies, which audit each other for quality. The international umbrella body is:International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation. So you choose the laboratory according to your need. if you need confirm quality Pre-shipment, THE second independent laboratory maybe better choice.


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